About AdWords

Google AdWords or PPC is a Google advertising platform. In this Google offers to all type of businesses and industries to bid on certain keywords and display ads on Search Engines. If you search on Search Engines with a particular keyword you will see ads that appear above the sites. This process is known as Pay Per Click (PPC).

It is formally also known as Google AdWords.It is a Google’s advertising program. This program allows you to create online ads to reach the audience who are intrested in the products and services you offer.This platform runs on PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising,i.e. you have to pay every time when user clicks your ad.

Benefits of AdWords

There is no shortage to get traffic to your website by this process. It is effective, using this feature to promote your


company and its products and services.

1. Guaranteed page 1 Rank:– It is the faster way to get your business on page one. Search Engine Optimization is also there to get rank on Page one, but it takes time to get results. In AdWords, you can set up an ad campaign and see your ad on page one.

2. You only Pay for Clicks:- In this feature, if you use Cost Per Click (CPC) you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. Compare to TV and Magazine advertising it is the best one. Why because in TV and magazine advertising you have to pay some amount although no one sees your ad. But In AdWords, you pay for the people, only who are interested in your products or services and click on your ad to visit your website.

3. Geographic Targeting:– For local businesses, AdWords or PPC is the best way to reach most of the local prospects. With PPC, you can set a limit to a specific location. You can choose specific City (or) Town and you can set Zip codes also.

4. Keyword Research and Marketing Research:– This feature is not only for generating traffic, by using this you can do Keyword and Marketing Research also.

5. Tackle your Competition better:- When someone is searching something related to your products or services, at that time you are not running any ads, but your competitors are running ads, that person goes through with your competitors. You will lose business instantly.

About Google Certification

Google offering some certification exams on AdWords.Google AdWords certification is a professional authorization. This certification is awarded to who clears the Google AdWords examination with 80% marks. In this examination, they generally ask questions on Online Advertising, AdWords campaign setup, Management, Measurement, and Optimization.

There are five types of exams :

1.AdWords Fundamentals

2.Search Advertising

3.Display Advertising

4.Shopping Advertising

5.Video Advertising

To become an AdWords professional you need to clear two exams. In these two exams, You must clear Fundamentals and you need to clear any one of the remaining four. those certificates are valid for only one year of. If you want to extend further, you need to write again.