Celebrations of Digital Marketing Day in Hyderabad – 2018

Hello All the Digital Marketers
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Here is good news for you.

You have got a chance to meet like-minded people(Digital Marketers) in your area.

I hope you all are aware of Digital Marketing Day, which will be celebrating on 16th December 2018.

Some of the Digital Marketing Experts like Digital Deepak, Sorav Jain, and some more experts got an idea to celebrate Digital Marketing Day. Then they promoted that idea in all social media channels. They got so many positive responses. Then they decided to celebrate this occasion.

What is the major Reason behind the Digital Marketing Day

All over the world people are celebrating Social Media on June 30th from 2010. Then the Digital Marketing Experts have thought that why we have not to celebrate Digital Marketing Day for Digital Marketers. Then Sorav Jain, Digital Deepak, Snehal Chandak and Piyush Kukreja come up with this thought and shared with all the Digital Marketers. They got huge Positive response from the audience. So they decided to celebrate this occasion and decided one date that is 16th December. To know more about this occasion go through the Sorav Jain’s article which is published recently.

The main reason behind this occasion to learn more about Digital Marketing as well know new trends about this Industry. By this kind of meetups, we can increase our network with like-minded people and we can discuss our doubts with experts. If we have any ideas, we can implement those ideas. This is the best thing to meet like-minded people and knows more about the Digital Marketing industry.

For more about this meetup check out this post on a Facebook forum which is posted by Sorav Jain.

These meetups are celebrating in various cities like Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Nasik, Surat, Dehradun, Hyderabad and some other major cities.

As a Hyderabad citizen, we will discuss Hyderabad meetups and summits.

Let’s Go…

Digital Marketing Day in Hyderabad

In Hyderabad also we are celebrating Digital Marketing Day meetup on 16th December 2018. This meetup is organized by Digital John, he is a top Telugu blogger on Digital Marketing. He is passionate about Blogging, Digital Marketing, and Tech lover. Present he is working as a Digital Marketing Manager.

Guest Speakers for Digital Marketing Day in Hyderabad

  • Ravi Kiran, Founder of Smart Telugu
  • Samuel
  • Nithish Talla, Managing director of Digital Vignan

Digital Marketing day

Time and Venue 

02:30 PM to 05:30 PM

Jigyaasa, 7-1-80/2 Ameerpet Road Lane adjacent Ratnadeep Supermarket, Telangana, 500016

For more Details Contact below Persons

Vilok (Event Organizer) 9441777598
Digital John 9573439404

Don’t miss this amazing meetup, Book your seats here.

Don’t miss this amazing meet-up.

By this event, you can learn more and more about the Digital Marketing Industry.

I hope you will book seats as soon as possible before closing.

Who is going to this meetup comment here, we will meet there.

Thank you…

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  1. Glad to be part of this awesome trendsetter in Digital Marketing industry

    A simple idea to celebrate ‘Digital Marketers’ on ‘Digital Marketing Day’.

    Also, grateful for all apprentices who have shown interests in executing this event on a National and Global scale.

    This could be one of those memories, we wanna hold on to, cling to, the one we can’t forget.

    History in the Making!!! 🤩🇮🇳

    #DMDay2018 #DigitalMarketingDay

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