How to create a blog with Blogger (Blog spot)

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If anybody wants to start his/her Blogging career, first we need to have one blog right. That’s why in this article I will explain how to create a blog and it’s maintenance.

Introduction to Blogger (Blog spot)

Most people think that to maintain a blog, we have to spend some money. Yes, Of course. These days we have so many blogging platforms are there. Which are Blogger, WordPress, Wix etc? In these platforms, some are offering for free. This article am going to explain one of these free platforms. That is Blogger or Blog spot.

We can use this platform for free. We no need to spend a single rupee on this. This is Google’s blogging platform. They started this platform in the year 2003. This is accessed from a subdomain of For this just you need to have one Gmail account. That’s it. We can use this platform by mobile also. They launched a mobile application for mobile users. You can download it from the Play store.

How to create a Blog with Blogger(Blog spot)

Got to Blogger

Blogger,Blog spot, Digital Bandari

First, we have to go to from any browser. Then you will see the below-mentioned window.

Start Creating Blog

From the above-mentioned photo click on Create blog or Sign in button. Then you will see the below picture.

Digital Bandari,Blogger,Blog spot

Select your Gmail account and click on that. Then automatically one Google+ profile will be created on your username. If you don’t have a Gmail account, create one. Then you will go to the next window which is mentioned below.

Digital Bandari,Blogger,Blog spot


Then click on Continue to Blogger. Next, you will go to the below-mentioned window.

Digital Bandari,Blogger,Blog spot

Click on create new Blog. Then you will go to the next window. Which is mentioned below?

Digital Bandari,Blogger,Blog spot
Digital Bandari,Blogger,Blog spot

In this step, you have to choose your Blog title, which is visible to your visitors or readers. Then you have to choose the Blog address means your domain name. Like If a given blog address is not available try with another blog address. You can number also. But don’t use characters(.,@><?/;:_-). Then choose a theme that is suitable for your blog. Then click on create a Blog.

Now your blog is created.

Blog setup

If you want to change your theme click on themes, select your favorite one. You can change your theme many numbers of times. If you have knowledge of HTML you can customize your theme as per your need.

Digital Bandari,Blogger,Blog spot

If you want to change anything like your blog name, description, and admins. Go to settings then choose basic. Change the things that you want to change as below mentioned.

Digital Bandari,Blogger,Blog spot

Now your blog setup is completed.

How to Create a Post

Your blog is ready now. Then start sharing your thoughts as a post.

Digital Bandari,Blogger,Blog spot

For creating a post click on Posts then New post. Then you will see the below window.

Digital Bandari,Blogger,Blog spot

Now in this window write your post name and your description. If you want to add any Links, Photos or Videos you can add by clicking on those icons. Then publish that post by clicking on the Publish button.

This is all about how to create and maintain a blog on the Blogger Platform.

If you have any queries feel free to comment below, I will rectify it as soon as possible.

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How to create a blog with Blogspot (Blogger)
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