Create stunning Whats app Stickers with your images

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In these days one topic is getting more Hot right!

Do you know what is that?

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Did you get that?

Don’t worry!

That is Whats app stickers.

So many of you eagerly waiting to create your own stickers, Right!

Go through the below mentioned steps and start creating your own stickers.

How to Create own whats app Stickers?

Step 1:-

First of all, you need to create your photos in the PNG format and save it in your mobile. Below I mentioned one photo for your understanding.Digital Bandari,Whats app,Whats app Sticker

Step 2:-

Download Sticker Maker for Whats app from Google Play Store. This feature is not available IOS users as per now.

Digital Bandari,Sticker Maker,Whats app,Whats app Sticker Maker

Step 3:-

Open and Login to that app click on “Create a new sticker pack”. enter your Stickerpack name and Sticker pack Author then click on create.

Digital Bandari,Whats app,Whats app Sticker Maker

Step 4:- 

After that enter your Stickerpack name and Sticker pack Author then click on create.

Digital bandari,Whats app,Whats app Sticker

Step 5:-

Click on Sticker pack name i,e. Digital Bandari then you will see a tray icon. That is the thumbnail for your album. Click on tray icon upload one image what you want. After that, you should add the minimum three photos for your album. Except for tray album you need to upload 3 photos. You can see like below mentioned. Digital Bandari,Whats app,Whats app Sticker

Digital Bandari,Whats app,Whats app sticker

You can crop your image also.

Digital Bandari,Whats app,Whats app Sticker maker

Step 6:-

After tray icon image or photo, you need to upload three more images like below mentioned.

Digital Bandari,Whats app Stickers,Whats app

Then click on publish.

After that, it automatically redirects to your whats app account and asks you to add that to your Whats app. Then click on “ADD”.

Now your stickers are available in your Whats app.

Open your Whats app and select any contact and click on emoji symbol, at the bottom you will one icon next to GIF, click on that icon you will see your own stickers and send it to that person.

Digital Bandari,Whats app,Whats app Stickers

Digital Bandari,Whats app stickers

Once you created your own stickers lets connect with your loved one with your favorite stickers.

I hope you are understood all the steps.

Let’s start creating your own Whats app stickers and enjoy.

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Am happy about these stickers.

Thank you…

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