Introduction to Website

Introduction to Website

Here I am writing my first blog post about Website.

When you are searching for something on Google, then Google gives you some results. If you click on any one of them it takes you to one webpage. That webpage is called the Landing Page.

Let us take a look at some related terms of Website

The worldwide web is a collection of many computers. That is connected to the internet and browsing the web pages. Commonly these computers are controlled by a hosting server.

A web server is a computer that serves web pages to the world through the internet.

A website is a collection of Web Pages. That web pages have information. In different pages that contain a similar subject.

A web page is written in HTML (HyperText Markup Language). It contains text and tags.

A website is created mainly with three components

1.Domain Name:- Domain name is defining your company name.
2. Hosting:- Hosting is nothing but Space.
3. Pages:- Pages are nothing but Web pages.


Domain name sellers

The ownership of a Domain Name is based on the Email address.

After purchasing domain name then we have to purchase the Hosting.

We have four types of Hosting Servers are there
1. Shared Hosting:- This hosting is suitable for Personal Blogs, Small businesses. In this, on a single server, thousands of accounts are created. Its price is RS500 to 2000 per year.
2. Virtual Private Server:- In this on a single server limited accounts are created. Its price is RS2000 to 6000 per year.
3. Dedicated Server:- In this, the whole server is accessible by one company. Its price starts from RS6000 per year.
4. Cloud Hosting:- This is a flexible package. It is a virtual environment for our site on a server. Its price starts at 10$ per month.

After purchasing the domain and hosting we have to configure both of them. For that first, we have to log in to the Domain seller site (Where you bought the Domain Name). Then add the name servers and follow some steps which are provided there, then install the WordPress. After that start creating web pages.

I hope you understand the basics of the website.

Thank you…

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