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What is SMM?

Social Media is the fastest growing network in the World. In the present generation most of the people use Social Media. In the world, 2.9 billion active users are there. It is the best platform for people to communicate and interact online. SMM or Social Media Marketing plays a crucial role in Digital Marketing. By this, you can spread your company, products, and services. Most people use Social Networks to connect with their friends, but Digital Marketers use this for branding and promotions.

SMM is nothing but Social Media Marketing. It is part of Internet Marketing. By using social networking sites you can do Marketing and increase traffic to your Blog or Website.


Social Media Marketing is the process of promotion of products or services using different features of social networks.

Benefits of SMM

We have so many benefits thereby using Social Networks.

1.Brand Recognition:- One of the most powerful ways to use Social Media is the branding of your Organization or Company. With Social Media, we can get our Company’s position at the top level. You can build up influence on your Company.

2. It is a two-way communication:- Social Media is the best way to communicate with your customers. By doing this, we can know the customer’s requirements and feedback.

3. Social Media users are very active:- Nowadays most of the people are very active in Social Networking sites. It is the best platform to promote your business at any time.

4. It reaches all aged group people:- In this Social Network, all aged group people are there. If your business is adult related you can reach them (or) your business related to 30 – 40 aged group people you can reach them easily.

5. It is Cost-Effective:- Coming to the Advertising part, it is a very cost-efficient part. In this sign up and creating an account is free and you can promote your business with free of cost. If you want any paid ads these are also very cheap compared to other advertising platforms.

6. Website Traffic:- Most people realize that Social Media is the leading traffic generator. When you are sharing any blog posts on your website, you can share that post on your Social Media platforms. By that, you can get traffic.

7. Authority:- Authority is nothing but a position of power over people. For Authors, Speakers and Consultants Social Media is helpful to establish authority in your Industry. Share great content, Question, and Answer to your audience and you will surely build loyal fans.

8. Large Audience:- In Facebook and Twitter 3130million monthly active users are there. Instagram has 500 million and Pinterest has 110million users. You can create accounts on that and you can post your content. By that, you can build your audience list.

9. Stay top of your customer’s customers mind:- In World where your customers are there, you can communicate with them. With social media, you’re able to stay in front of your audience, even though they are not interested in buying.

Overview of Social Media Channels

SMM (Social Media Marketing)

Major Channels of Social Media

1.Facebook:- By using Facebook, you can expand your market by creating your own Pages, Groups, and Ads. Most of the people are using Facebook. So with the right targeting, you can reach the customers. Facebook allows great targeting through its Ad manager. You can promote your content based on Location, Age, Gender, and Devices.

2. Instagram:- The Instagram channel has been owned by Facebook. There are 700 Million users there all over the World. It is popular among Teenagers and Young adults. So, if you are targeting adult customers, it is the best platform. Facebook and Instagram are deeply integrated with each other.

3.Twitter:- It is also useful for Marketers. In India Twitter may not have that much popularity. Still, it is the medium for Marketing.

4. Linkedin:- Linkedin is very popular among the Professionals. It is an excellent platform for Marketing. In this, you can create your business profile and groups also, to promote your Services and Products. Linkedin also had its own ad platform.

5.YouTube:- Nowadays videos play a huge role. It is dominating the world’s market. With video ranking higher on all social platforms, it performs well. Most of the customers give priority to videos only.

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