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Why choose Digital Marketing as Career?

Digital Marketing as a Career

Nowadays Digital Marketing(Online Marketing/Internet Marketing) is booming the world. Most people choose Digital Marketing as a career. Why are they choosing this as a career? What are the main things attracting them to choose as a career? How is it useful for them? Here we will see Why What and How.

Digital Marketing, Career

From 2010 this industry is booming the world. This skill has more demand compared to other skills. These days Digital Marketing is used for growing their business. This Digital platform is the medium of branding and advertising. But in society, we have less competition in this field. Why because we have less number of Digital Enthusiasts and lots of jobs are there. 

Why do we pursue Digital Marketing as a Career?

  • Digital Marketing (Internet Marketing/Online Marketing) is a wide area. To pursue this skill we don’t need any specific qualification. But it is better to have a minimum Degree. It may be a normal degree(B.Sc,B.Com,BBA,BBM,BCA),B.Tech or BE. All we need is passion to learn the subject and creativity.
  • We don’t need any technical knowledge and programming knowledge to pursue this skill.
  • Nowadays this profession is in demand. That’s why most technical people also choose this as a career. We have lots of job opportunities there. From recent surveys, By 2020 we have 1,00,000 jobs.
  • The world is going digitally, so we have to update towards the world. Everything goes on Digital. Nowadays most of the offline advertisements are decreasing compared to previous years. This will help you not only in professional but also helps in getting the latest trends in the market.
  • This industry is developing day by day and it becomes a necessary skill. Surveys say that those who have knowledge and experience in this skill have a great future.
  • Online branding and advertisement are lots of important nowadays. These two are also coming under this industry.
  • Marketing is the main medium of any business. But these days traditional marketing doesn’t have that much importance. Instead of traditional marketing, we are using Online Marketing(Digital Marketing).
  • In this generation, so many online and social media users are there. Most people spend their time online. So it is better to advertise online and social media.
  • In this industry, there are highly paid jobs there. But as a fresher, we will get some low salary. After 2 to 3 years of experience, we can expect the hike in salary.

Who can pursue Digital Marketing for their Career?

Digital Marketing is not a tough subject. It can be understood by anyone who has the passion to learn something new. To pursue this skill all we need is a PC or Mobile with a good internet connection.

  • It is a great platform for those who are interested in work from home bases such as freelancers, housewives, retired employees or students.
  • Digital Marketing is best for those who have recently graduated from different streams like Engineers, Medical Students etc…
  • Highly recommended for MBA students. Why because already they have some knowledge of Marketing. By adding Digital Marketing skills they have a high preference in the job Market.
  • It is also good for those who are Digital Enthusiasts and spending more time online.

Jobs in the Digital Marketing Industry

To pursue a Digital Marketing (Online Marketing/Internet Marketing) course it takes 4 to 6 months of time. After pursuing the course, choose any one of the specializations (SEOSMMEmail Marketing, AdWords). As a fresher, you can earn approximately 2L to 3L per year. After getting 2 to 3 years of experience you can expect 3L to 5L.

In this industry, we have different job roles.

1.Digital Marketing Manager

2.SEO Expert

3.SMM Expert

4.AdWords(SEM) Expert

5.Content Marketing Manager

6.Analytics Manager

And we have so many roles there. Above mentioned roles are different from company to company.

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