About WordPress

It is an online, open-source website or blog creation tool. This is written in PHP. It was founded in the year 2003. Then it becomes most popular web publishing platform. It is a highly flexible CMS(Content Management System). Nowadays most of the people are using CMS websites. Why because, it is easy to create a website. For this, you don’t need any coding knowledge. Most of Digital Marketers don’t use their coding knowledge. Even though they reached their higher positions in the Digital Marketing field.

How does it work?

In earlier days websites have been created in programming languages like HTML, PHP, and CSS. Then your browser reads the code and translates those tags to contribute and display the content of a particular web page.

But nowadays you can install this software on your web server within five minutes. After installation, log into your site and create web pages without having coding knowledge. Even we have some hosting providers are there for WordPress, and allow you to start building your website within few minutes.

Reasons for use WordPress.

  1. First of all, it is open source and completely free.
  2. Easy to use and learn.
  3. It is flexible and extensible.
  4. It is SEO (Search Engine ) friendly.
  5. In this, you can control your own content.
  6. No need to use programming.
  7. Easy to find customer support.

Types of WordPress.

There are two types

  • WordPress.org
  • WordPress.com


Already you know that it is free software, but you can download from WordPress.org. But it is installed on the webserver to work. For this, you should purchase web hosting, which can be cost $5 to $10 per year. Nowadays so many web hosting companies are there, you can purchase from theirs. Once it is installed, you will have complete control over your website. Then you will install custom themes, plugins, etc. If you want to modify completely, you can modify by using CSS and PHP. Most of Digital Marketers are using this version for Blogging.


It is a free hosted version. By this, you will create a simple website or blog within a few minutes. In the process of WordPress.com, you need to signup and next, you have to choose the name for your Blog (or) Website, then automatically includes “WordPress.com” as an extension. (Example:- www.abc.wordpress.com). If you want to upgrade, you have to purchase a domain, then the extension will be removed. (Example:-abc.com).After signup, you will have to choose the theme from existed themes. Then if you want to upgrade or customize again you need to purchase upgraded version. In this, third party themes cannot be installed. Like this, we have some more upgraded versions.

If you are new to this software and want free website or blog, first create and build with this free version. It includes free hosting. Then if you think that you are able to control all the display options in this version, go with paid hosting service.

Introduction of WordPress

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